Brii :D

Brii is the name(:
I hate drama,
I love my friends,
I could not live without music,
Text Mehh(:

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Angela's Pool Party

Thank you Angela, I had a great time(:


I had fantastic time with Anissa, Lexi, Sanem, and Angela at the mall yesterday(:

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Sunday, I went to church, It was the Fourth of July(:
Monday, My Mom, Dad, and I went up to mount lemmon(:
Tuesday, Mutal was Fun(:
Wednesday, I went swimming with Anissa, Marina, and Jasmine(:
Wednesday Night, Jasmine and Anissa stayed the night(:
Tomorrow, I am going up to mount lemmon with My Mom, Anissa, Tara and Maybe Three other people(:

Sunday, July 4, 2010

This Summer

This summer wasn't the Best, But I had a great time with the flaws that it brought me.
I hungout with some of my really close friends and I had a couple sleepovers.

What I loved the most was that I got to spend time with my cousin, We would come over and spend the night for 5 or 4 days and The next day we would hangout and have fun just being our selfs, I got to know him alot better and I had a great time while doing that. He would spend the night and Then a week after that he would come again. Which maybe me happy (:

One of the best things out of this WHOLE summer was Camp. It was a new experience. My first time ever camping. I was up at camp with my church for 4 days. We left on Tuesday, June 22 and Came home Saturday, June 26. The first day up at camp was like the greeting day, Once we got there we went to our camp site and picked who we were going to be tenting with and picked a tent. I tented with these amazing girls Molly, Crystal, and Noami. The once we where done setting up around 4:30 we headed to the Stage where the Ycl's greeted us and we started singing camp songs. After that was done we had Dinner. We had Baked Potatoes,Chili, and Salad. It was delcious. I was so hungry, I would have ate anything. After dinner we had a little time to do whatever, I spent that time with Addison, Kayla and Maurie. Then we had our divsional, Sister Campbell and Sister Tanner give it, I really felt the spirt after that. After they were all done we had our group divsional, Addison and Elizabeth were in my group and Our "teachers" were Katie and Marissa. Then it was time for the "bed time snack and then we had our ward time and Then of course it was time to Sleep! :)
The next day was a Activity day with my fellow first years. We learned how to tie knots and why they were important. That night we had a play about Ester from people in the stake. I really enjoyed it (: During that day I got two letters from my mom, I read them over and over again and as I did, I felt closer to home.
The next day was our hike. The hike was absolutely Beautiful! Once we had all got back from our hikes, We had dinner and Boyyy was it good, It was Spaghetti, Yumm (: After dinner it was time for Skit night! It was amazing!
The next day was Bishop day and Rotations. the first thing was Rotations, My favorite was Paintball!! (: Then it was time for free time. Addison and I had made a new friend when we were up at camp and her Name is Maddy. She goes to my school, but anyway back to the point, We hungout with her during free time and we had a fun time (: Later in the day was Battle of the Bishops! It was sure entertaining! Then we had the little end of camp thing. Then all of the wards went back to there camp sites with there bishops and It was time for the testimony meeting, I cried during the whole thing, I was sitting there telling myself to stand up and everytime I was about to someone else stood up. I was so mad at myself that I didnt share my testimony with the people in my life that make it stronger.
Now my testimony has grown so much! (: I loved camp! Cant wait to go next year!

This video is of Marissa singing our ward song...Sorry marissa but I love it!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Room

The first wall we worked on..




Before school ended me and my mom decided we would redo my room. So today we spent our day Removing Wallpaper! Yippie!

Photography (:

These are some of my Latelys

Summer 2010 (:

This summer has been fun. Like all summers I have grown closer to people and as the time past I grew farther and farther away from people.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Photography :)

Summerr baby 2010

Well so far this summer has been great, i've been with Brendon, Lexx and Jasmine, and My cousin, and Anissa and her cousin Briana..

The Last Day of School

The last day of school was on Thursday, May 27. It was a good day too, I had fun with my friends but i miss them all soo much,

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I just dont know

Okay, Soo, Alot has been on my mind, First I thought I had found a friend that would always be in my heart and we would continue to be with eachother all the time, but I seem to be wrong because Your best friend came back and then you slowly began to be with her alot and Then One day, We were together and then You left to be with her, So, Now Im without you, Im lost and Im Confused...I have these memories that we created and I dont know weather to Cry because I miss them or I dont know weather to remind you of them and Just say Sorry for something i didnt do..I just dont know. I love you like your my sister and I always will, but I never knew things could change that quick.
So, Second, I want to let you all know that I love all my friends and The ones that are guys but I love them like they are my brother..Its been hard to know who is my true friend, Rumors say that you said this about me or you just dont talk to me very much, Life has changed alot..
Third, Sixth grade is really close to being over, This past week it was Aims and I hope I did good..
Fourth, I went to the Fair with my mom and Two of my friends came with me, Parker and Jasmine and We went on alot of rides, Like Parker hates the Fairice wheel and we got her to go on ad lol we thought we were going to fall because our thing was unbalanced like all three of us were on side, lol, and Then we went to the Jason Derulo concert and It was soo crowded We went threw the crowd and got up pretty close but then we got out and Our friends Anissa, Cassidy, and Emilee found us and Then we went and Found our friends Lexi and Angela and For the rest of the night we were with them going on rides, It was Really Funnn!!! I cant wait to go again!! (:
Fifth, Im really happy everything is going really well with me and david <3

Anyway that is how i have been and As you can tell, Good things are like a blanket over then hurt parts of my heart


Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I'm lost, I'm alone, I'm crying, I'm wishing I was not so stupid, I'm wishing you were here with me

Monday, April 12, 2010

Awhh (:

Awhh, I love you my friend, Mi Amor.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Me&&My Bestt Frienn Caity

I have been with her for the past week like non stop and I NEVER WANT IT TO END!! :) I LOVE YOUU CAITY!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Okay, So Lately, I havent left Caitys side, I was with her EVERY day this past week except Thursday, Ahhh I love her, I never want to lose her, She is one of the Bestt Frienns ive ever had (: Cant wait to see what memories come soon..

You little Pawsaui, Pawsaui is Plural for Pawsome

Thursday, April 8, 2010


I feel so lucky to have a friend like Caity, She is nice and my Bestt Frienn! (: I love this girl and i hope i NEVER lose her


I love him, Oh yes i do, He is for me not for you and If by chance you take my place, I'll take my Fist and Smash your Face!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Lately, I've lost friends, gained friends, and learned that I am who i am and I would rather be hated for who i am then who i am not, I have friends i will keep for a long time and i have friends that fight with me all the time and I have friends that think im stupid and do not know that they talk about me, Middle School is tough but You just have to have the right friends to get through it, 7th grade is coming soon and I do not know if i am ready yet, Time flys. Lately, I have been hanging out with Caity. Caity is the Best, She is so nice and is just so fun to be around(: I love you caity! hehe, alot has changed since the first day of 6th grade, Lets see how 7th grade goes...